Ethical Value


  • All materials are sourced exclusively from Sri Lanka with the highest level of commitment to ethical standards.
  • The collections replace conventional material with environmentally friendly components while supporting local craft communities.
  • We say NO to metal or plastics in all products for a more eco-friendly lingerie.
  • We use reclaimed high quality fabrics from reputed carbon accredited factories.
  • Our trims are handmade and are sourced from traditional craft communities educated by NGOs and the National Craft Council.
  • The hand woven luxury silks are sourced from SME’s in Sri Lanka who employ and support traditional weavers.


Our ethos is that the wellbeing of the wearer is equally important as the wellbeing of the environment. We develop and design our collections to have maximum comfort with minimum impact on the environment.

We say NO to conventional components like elastics, under wire and plastics so we can provide ultimate comfort for sensitive skin and improve wellbeing. Each garment has been carefully designed and cut to give the wearer maximum support without using metals and plastics.

  • No elastics
  • No harmful dying
  • No under-wire
  • No metals


Charini continues to work alongside traditional Sri Lankan craft communities to develop her collections and introduce a celebration of luxury and history in her designs. The traditional craft industries of Sri Lanka have been in decline over the decades resulting in a loss of ancient weaving and crochet techniques. Working with these communities to develop contemporary trims and textiles has provided an opportunity for this industry to be revived and provide sustainable livelihoods.

For the S/S lingerie collection each button has been carefully hand crocheted. We are currently working to develop more contemporary

trims using traditional methods of weaving and part of this process is to promote knowledge sharing.

As a part our knowledge sharing program we introduce new techniques of developing materials and trims with a higher resale value and uplifting traditional crafts to meet the modern industry standards and demand.

By working in collaboration with accredited organizations such as the National Craft Council we ensure fair trade and wage policies are adhered to.

“Beeralu” lace making is a traditional hand woven craft centric to the southern coastal region of Sri Lanka and has become a waning industry due to the tsunami in 2004 coupled with rapid urbanization. This intricate craft gives charini lingerie a unique look and feel whilst giving the wearer the satisfaction that they have invested in reviving the art of lace making and supported artisan’s livelihoods. To ensure fair trading and ethical work environment charini sources handmade lace through the National Craft Council.

The hand woven silk has been sourced from local community groups and workshops in Sri Lanka. Hand weaving is an ancient fabric manufacturing method with minimum energy requirements and polluting by products. We are currently working with a skilled group in Kandy, helping the community group to gain accreditation that will aid them in expanding their market.

Crochet is a craft practiced in a domestic scale in Sri Lanka, producing simple trimmings. This skill was elevated to a different platform by charini, through innovative exploration of using the craft of crocheting in producing a button, which doesn’t use any other material, but thread and fabric.

Therefore our hand crafted crochet buttons designed by charini are 100% bio degradable.

Also we work closely with our home workers ensuring product quality and fair wages.