Celebrating craft, well being and timeless design

Together with her formal design education and expertise within the lingerie industry Charini is inspired by her Sri Lanka heritage to design collections that care for the environment and support small artisan communities within Sri Lanka.

Beauty, comfort and timeless design are at the heart of Charini’s design philosophy.

Celebrating traditional methods of lingerie design and eliminating metal and plastic components, Charini has developed a unique synergy of art, architecture and a love for the environment into her designs. Each piece has been carefully crafted from luxury reclaimed materials together with traditional Sri Lanka hand woven silks and trims producing exquisite and unique contemporary detail to each garment.

Each hand woven lace trim has been lovingly made by women artisans in Sri Lanka and the luxurious hand woven silks have been sourced from local hand weaving communities in the cool hills of Sri Lanka.

All reclaimed textiles are sourced and manufactured in Sri Lanka in factories that are certified “Garments without Guilt”.

Our ethos is that the well being of the wearer is equally important as the well being of the environment